Most Recent Update:


Most Recent Update:

A lot of information has been disseminated on behalf of Belladonnas Cupboard LLC from and by various sources. The following is the ONLY official statement as of 2021:

Belladonna’s Cupboard was founded in 2011. For Seven years, the brand grew slowly and over time developed a loyal following for its high-performance, high-quality makeup and eclectic themes. We worked with a number of high profile alt-models, burlesque performers, drag queens and musicians. Clearly, we were doing something right for a time to grow as big as we did. Especially considering, we started with absolutely nothing and a Two-person team. We were one of the earlier brands to offer free online makeup courses and to encourage freely inclusive self-expression via makeup instead of conformity to societal standards of beauty. We also made it a point to give back to various charities whenever possible while we still had cash flow coming in by donating a percentage of sales to related social causes. After significant missteps and struggles following rapid growth in 2018, the brand took a hiatus following management and ownership changes in 2019. In 2018, we got locked into contracts with much bigger bands thinking it would mean growth for the company and it did. Initially. Until promises from those with more power and money were broken, contracts weren’t fulfilled and our attempts to scale to meet the ever-growing demands and increasing orders for our products were hindered by one manufacturing issue after the next. We didn’t anticipate these issues because we didn’t have the experience to know better. We had done several successful handmade and pre-order launches over the years without issue. Coming from an impoverished background, we lacked the social capital and business savvy to navigate these issues. We also didn’t have access to credit or capital to fix these missteps as they happened. The owners of Belladonna never took a salary and 100% of the money brought into the business, went right back into it. We lost far more money operating Belladonna’s Cupboard than we ever received and when things went wrong, any fixes we managed to implement came out of our already empty pockets. It was a mess, to say the least. The original owners parted ways after the discovery of severe actions of misconduct and neglect of one of them, that exacerbated the existing issues dramatically. The remaining owner stayed behind and took full responsibility for the failures of the brand while facing significant online doxxing, backlash and bullying. She ended up homeless for the majority of 2019 while still putting everything she could back into trying to make things right for her customers as quickly as she humanly could.

In 2021, the owner finally managed to produce the book palettes and tentacle brushes and will begin shipping those out in August 2021. Please be patient and keep in mind that we didn’t take your money and spend it, we never took a salary and all the money went towards the products that were paid for. It just didn’t cover the costs to actually fill all the orders after the manufacturing & other aforementioned struggles so any refunds or solutions we have implemented will be from money the owner’s own pocket out of good will.

We are not responding to individual emails as they come in. We will respond to your inquiries or reach out one by one ONLY when we are ready to confirm or ask for shipping addresses.

Belladonna’s Cupboard LLC is not coming back, but is absolutely dedicated to making everything as right as we can for our customers as quickly as we can, despite the uphill battle that has been so far.